Sunday, July 27, 2008

Author's forward

This is my first attempt at doing something of this scope, but after some encouragement from one of my friends in game, I have decided to at least set this up and see if the muse hits me. She'll have to, with a large lead pipe, if my personal blog is any indication.

There are some advantages to writing for, what is to me effectively someone else, however. Grizo lives an interesting life, in interesting times, in the classical definition of the phrase. He has been a solider for most of his life, war defined many things around him. Now that he's approaching "elderly" he has a large history that I've nebulously defined and am now going to attempt to hash out here, as well as his next steps in the coming times.

I haven't decided how I'm going to organize the posts here. There will be a mishmash of in character posts from present, past, and perhaps a few of me venting my role playing spleen. I figure that some sort of organization will show itself when I write enough. If push comes to shove, I can host it myself later on moveable type or something of that nature. Heck, I may resurrect my own blogware that I wrote in 2000. I'm hoping not to, however. Too many good options out there written by many more competent coders than I.

With some luck, and the proper prompting from the muse, this will be Grizo's story. Wish me luck, and encourage the muse if you wish to read this.

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Nauloera said...

Good luck to you and the muse! I will offer cookies before I pull out the lead pipe! :D