Friday, August 8, 2008

IC: Some things simply cannot be taught.

I do love my brother, as much as one can love someone that you adopt.

However, his lack of self confidence and self esteem is something that grates upon my nerves at times.

He has proven to me that he is strong. My muzzle is no longer straight because of him. Yet he denies that is true.

He has proven to me that he is a caring and compassionate person, worthy of praise and respect. He has taken one that was once called an enemy and shown her love and mercy. Kee and him seem happy. I trust his judgment, despite my own reservations, and those around him. Yet he does not feel worthy of this praise and respect.

He has said many times that he should not be alive, and those around him would be better off if he had not survived. Despite the fact that he has saved the lives of some of those around him.

No... some things cannot be taught. Some things must simply be learned. Some things are never even learned, despite a lifetime of experience. I pray to the earthmother that Kirf's confidence is not one of them.

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